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Sector planning

Studies for National Fisheries Departments or Ministries to evaluate the state of the fisheries sector. The studies to be used for identifying the needs of the sector, for developing a strategy for restructuring, including rehabilitation of the sector and to co-ordinate the given assistance in preparation to enter the EU.



Independent evaluation of the fisheries sector


Overview of the present situation (production facilities, economy, markets and products


Action plans for individual companies with recommendations on economy, markets, production equipment and facilities, products, education and training etc.


Strategy for restructuring the fisheries sector


To establish a platform for a restructuring of the fisheries sector by carrying out an analysis of the sector in order to assist the national authorities in evaluating the performances and the conditions of the fisheries sector and in elaborating action plans for the parties involved. A strategy for the fisheries sector and the needs for investments, improvements and rehabilitation of the fisheries sector to fulfil the EU standards will be elaborated on basis of the study.

Extent of study

A survey including visits to a broad section of the sector involved
A questionnaire covering analyses of products, markets, production, economy, education, quality and hygienic issues in the companies and onboard vessels forms the basis for the survey

An evaluation of the performance of the sector

An overall action plan for the sector

Specific action plans for the companies involved


Lithuania  - Ministry of Agriculture Lithuania, Fisheries Department - 
An analysis of the industry's condition and performance including a strategy for preparing the industry for the Lithuanian admission to the EU. Project manager and responsible for the technical evaluation of the processing plants. 
Client: Danish Ministry of Food, Directorate of Development. 1999-2000

Mozambique Master Plan for the Fisheries Sector
Phase 1 of the elaboration of a master plan for the industrial and semi-industrial fisheries sectors of Mozambique including:


Identification of sector problems and development objectives in a logical framework approach (LFA). 


Work plans and terms of references for 17 man-months of consultancy services. 


Sector reports and master plan document.

Client: DANIDA - Secretaria de Estado das Pescas, Maputo. 1993.

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