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Technology for exploitation of new product types or species of raw material

Design of new technologies including special designed equipment for utilisation of new species of raw material or by-products from the processing industry in order to increase product range, production capacity and overall turn-over can be offered. LarEll offers also to assist in supervision during installation of the equipment, testing of the plant and start-up of the production when ready. Training of the managers and workers in the operation, cleaning and maintenance of the plant together with comprehensive technical documentation is an integrated part of our service.

An example is the design, manufacturing, installation and start-up of a turnkey raw material sorting and silage production plant in  November 2001- April 2002 at Superfish SA (ABBA Seafood) in Kolobrzeg, Poland. More about silage.



Design of unique equipment for the best, most efficient and profitable production


Unique equipment designed for processing of new products or product types.


Tailored standard equipment to fulfil the specific demands of new productions.


Possibility of being among or the first to introduce the new products or product types on the market.


Professional technical assistance during purchase, production and start-up of new equipment


Independent recommendation of suppliers of equipment.

We are also able to assist you in selection and finding of second-hand equipment from several suppliers -  combined with rebuilding for the new and unique production..

New raw material grading and silage plant for improved utilisation of Baltic fish resources and offal (May 2002).

Raw material grading arrangement.

Silage production plant.

Silage hydrolisation and storage tank.


Poland - Danish Environmental Protection Agency & Superfish S.A.    Assistance to the Polish Fishing Industry by introduction and implementation of cleaner technology concepts in utilisation of natural Baltic fish resources including technical assistance to establish grading of fish catches directly from vessels, set-up silage processing plant and to marketing the silage as animal feed.
Client: NIRAS - 2000/2002.

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