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Belarus - Santa Impex.

Background for the project

Due to a large potential market for seafood products in Russia was SANTA IMPEX  investing in a new fish processing plant. The processing will be based on imported frozen raw material mainly for marinated herring products and other fish products aimed for export to the Eastern European and in future, the EU market.

The new processing plant is already under erection on a site in the outskirts of Brest City . The new plant,  will be approximately 5000 m² including cold store and 1600 m² for ice cream production. The fish processing plant is including social department etc. approximately 3400 m².

The production is based on imported frozen herring and other purchased frozen raw material, which can be processed into export products at a considerable profit.

In future, SANTA wishes to achieve certificate for exporting seafood products to the European market. In consequence, the plant design should in addition to local requirements be in accordance to European requirements as described in the EU directives 91/493 and 94/356

Project objective

The project objective was to deliver technical assistance in connection with the establishing of the new fish processing plant for SANTA IMPEX. This included planning and designing of a modern plant in accordance with EU and local regulations and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for fish processing. A project description including layout was elaborated for the plant in question.

The plant emphasises the production of fish products of high and consistent quality for the export markets, but also for the local market in Belarus.

Scope of products

Santa Impex was planning to produce the following type of fish products in the new plant:

  1. Matjes products based on 4 days maturing technology by the means of salting and enzyme based maturing ingredients. The fillets will be packed on Compact and on Powerpack machines from TIROMAT added different species and oil. The product is already in production in the “old” plant

  2. Marinated herring based on 4 days maturing technology by the means of salting and enzyme based maturing ingredients for speeding up the maturing process. From the fillets Roll Mops and fillets will be packed in glass jars with different pickle, sauce, spices and garniture.

  3. Salted fish (mackerel, herring, sprats etc.) in barrels, plastic buckets and possibly also in vacuum – already in production.

  4. Salads based on marinated herring fillets cut into small pieces and mixed with different recipes of salad dressings- not processed today.

Project content

1.  Inception visit. The purpose of the visit on site is to:


Discuss the ideas for the new processing plant


For the chosen products and existing processing plans evaluate the entire production flow from receiving the raw material to the final products leave the processing plant and determine the specific needs for the new plant.


Collect all necessary information.

2.      Define the project and make a first draft plan to be agreed upon before returning to Denmark .

3.      Elaborate proposal for layout and processing lines based on planned production capacity, efficiency, yield, overall quality and in           compliance with the EU directives 91/493 and 94/356.

The project has been designed according to discussions held in Brest during pre-investigation visits on the September 27 – 29 1999 and telephone and fax correspondence from the 1 October to 12 November 1999 . The final project was handed over to Santa Impex in November 1999.


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